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  • I reccommend using a set of Sub/ Sucker Punch/ Brick Break/ Swords Dance and keep the EVs the same since the 4 Speed Evs outspeed Bulky Politoed and take hits from Banded Haxorus's Outrage.
    I probably will stick with it :P

    I have Shredder cloned. Just shoot when you want to trade.
    How about Supernova? When light is at its most intense it turns white and Blue Flare in the sun sure hits like one.
    nice, I found an Ev'd version of Shredder. It has 254 Hp/ 252 atk/ 4 spe with
    Night Slash|Sucker Punch|Psycho Cut| Brick Break

    want it?
    Reshi kinda looks like the classic Blue Eyes White Dragon to me :/

    but that full name could never fit...
    oh, so that's what it meant. I watched Inuyasha before, but it's been such a long time. I only remember a few names...

    I'll keep Shredder's nickname :P
    oh yeah, nickname for Reshiram? Do you know any good ones, I'm kinda dry on names right now
    oh, I'd like to know what Jekotsu means :P

    Anyways, I named the Defiant one Shredder after that main villain from Ninja Turtles. Kinda looks like him imo.
    Actually it starts with 1377 >_<

    For the subways, I use multiscale dragonite, Reuniclus, and SB Blaziken. I'm almost done RNGing a houndour
    Shoot a VM to one of the mods of the Wi-Fi board for them to give you more posts.
    Hi. Sorry it's taken me so long to respond, I was caught up with college finals and etc.

    I do still want the Turtwig. Could we perhaps trade sometime around noon?
    Ok, I'll remember that if I put them up. Thanks again for them, that was really cool of you to gift them to me :)
    hey, I can trade now if you're still online. Sorry I'm a little late getting back to you.
    Well I appreciate your offer very much :) I am new to RNG, which is why all of my good Pokemon are currently only 5th gen. Celebi is one my favorites along with all of the other base 100 fairies. Let me know when you want to trade, I'll be free all weekend so anytime you're ready I should be able to log on. Thanks again!
    great, now we can both get landorus. :) thanks zelen. let me know what you think of my thundurus. is it ok if mine is semi-redis as well?
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